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DOT not keeping lake level down to build new Boling Bridge
The Georgia Department of Transportation is replacing Boling Bridge on Ga. 53 over the Chestatee River.

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Is the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers purposely keeping the lake level down to assist with the bridge construction on Ga. 53 over the Chestatee River?

“That is a rumor we’ve been hearing for the last year. I don’t know who started that rumor,” said Nick Baggett, natural resource manager for the corps. “There is no basis to that rumor.”

He added that water levels don’t need to change to construct the new Boling Bridge.

“That has no bearing on how they construct that bridge,” Baggett said.

The project, which includes demolishing the old bridge after the new one is complete, is set for a March 31, 2019, completion.

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