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The public has a right to know, and The Times is dedicated to that principle and the “continued enlightenment and freedom of the people of North Georgia,” as engraved outside our building.

The pursuit of truth is a fundamental principle of journalism. But the truth is not always apparent or known immediately. 

A professional journalist’s role is to report as completely and impartially as possible verifiable facts so readers can, based on their own knowledge and experience, determine what they believe to be the truth. That is often an ongoing pursuit as journalists work to uncover stories and follow those stories wherever they lead, regardless of preconceived ideas.

The news they report is separate from the opinions shared in the pages of The Times, which include those by its editorial board, columnists, political cartoonists and readers who submit letters to the editor.

The presentation of both news and opinions is designed to educate, entertain and foster community conversation. Readers are encouraged to challenge and sharpen their perceptions based on that presentation. 

And we encourage readers to do the same for us, offering news tips, criticisms and questions.

As your honestly local news source, we serve our readers first. 

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Stories published since 2007 should generally be available through our normal search options. We do not currently have advanced sorting capabilities available. You may find it easier to search on Google for archived stories.

Newspapers going back to our founding in 1947 are available on microfilm at the Hall County Library.

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