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ZF Industries plans new plant in Gainesville
ZF Industries in Gainesville. - photo by Tom Reed

ZF Industries has confirmed a new plant is headed for Gainesville.

“At this point I can’t divulge what we’re building,” said ZF spokesman Bryan Johnson. “Right now we are building another plant in Gainesville, 250,000 square feet.”

Johnson said the company is not ready to reveal plans yet, but an unknown source in the company spilled the beans about the new plant.

The Atlanta Business Chronicle reported Friday morning that ZF Industries will use the additional Gainesville plant to make transmissions for wind turbines.

“We’re trying to get an announcement out in April,” Johnson said.

Tim Evans, vice president for economic development at the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce, said the article took chamber staff by surprise.

“I won’t deny what’s in the Business Chronicle,” Evans said. “We have to keep things confidential until they’re ready to announce it.”

Evans said speaking generally, having a cutting-edge industry in the community will be an asset.

“We’re really excited about any time one of our existing businesses or a new business is adding jobs and investment in this economic environment,” Evans said. “That it’s in such a field for us that’s a targeted industry, not just for Gainesville-Hall County but for Georgia, in renewable energy is even more exciting. That’s a great, great project.”

Evans said the new plant fits with the chamber’s goal of attracting businesses in the renewable energy and life science fields.

“These are extremely sought out by communities across the country,” Evans said. “Energy is what everybody is talking about right now.”

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