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New fire stations site based on coverage area
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Why is Hall County purchasing property on Cool Springs Road to build a new fire station when they own about 75 acres of property on Cool Springs Road at the park site? The park site has all the infrastructure necessary and is less than one mile from the proposed site.

The decision to build the new fire station on the corner of Will Wallace Road and Ledan Road instead of at the park site on Cool Springs Road was based on the coverage area of the two sites, according to Hall County Fire Chief David Kimbrell.

The goal was to include as much property as possible in a 5-road-mile area from the new fire station in order to minimize response times. Due to its surrounding road layout and close proximity to Lake Lanier, the potential coverage area of the park’s location is limited compared to the location on Will Wallace Road.

“By building it where we purchased the property, that gives us the largest coverage area within 5 road miles,” Kimbrell said.

“We looked at the park property several times when it was offered to the county several years ago and we determined that it did not meet our needs because of the road mileage criteria.”

The new location not only will increase the number of properties able to receive timely responses from fire services, but also affects home insurance premiums in the area. The Insurance Service Office provides fire safety ratings for different communities. Insurance companies purchase this information to determine premiums. The ratings are from 1 to 10, with 1 being the best protection and 10 being none.

The ISO employs a “5-mile rule,” which requires a property be within 5 miles of a fire station to be insured as protected. Most areas of Hall County have an ISO rating of 4, according to the Hall County Fire Services website.

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