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Your Views: Allowing guns in churches could prevent tragedy
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In response to Dick Yarbrough’s “Guns for God” commentary, it would appear he has put emotion over intellect in forming his opinion on the issue of guns in places of worship.

My first observation is that the law currently prohibits, not prevents, guns from being taken into places of worship. Only those who are law-abiding are bound by the law. As a matter of fact, there is no law on the books nor is it possible to devise any law that will prevent a person that is intent on committing a crime from doing so. It is already illegal to kill innocent people, and in many cases, it is punishable by death to do so. Does this prevent people from killing other people? Obviously not.

Where is it that most mass shootings occur? Is it not schools, workplaces, churches, military facilities, etc.? Places where one who is looking for a high body count would have a reasonable expectation that there would be nobody there armed and able to stop him from killing innocent people.

How many times has anyone heard of someone who wants to kill a bunch of people picking a police station as his target? It has happened, but it is usually a case of suicide by cop. When guns are not allowed in a particular place, what do people who regularly carry a gun do with them when they obey the law by not taking their gun in with them? In most cases, we are forced to leave them in our vehicle in the parking lot.

I have a gun safe securely mounted in my vehicle, but that only means that one would have to steal my vehicle and take it somewhere to have access to the tools and the time to get into it. Many people don’t go to the trouble of installing a safe.

So imagine the good pleasure of a car thief who steals a car and now has possession of a gun. Does he now graduate to carjacking since he is armed? Armed robbery, maybe? Does it not make more sense for that gun to be in the possession and control of a law-abiding citizen at all times?

When guns are allowed in places of worship, carried by law-abiding and properly licensed citizens, those who would have the mental derangement necessary to consider going into a church and killing innocent people have to wonder how many there are in the church who are armed and able to quickly put an end to his plans.

It has always been the cry of the anti-gun crowd that there would be blood in the streets, or churches, if law-abiding citizens are allowed to carry guns. It has never happened. Law-abiding citizens tend to obey the laws because they are — surprise — law-abiding. The simple fact is that everybody is safer when any law-abiding citizen could be armed and the criminals cannot tell who is or who is not.

Jerry Callahan

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