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How Hall will encourage workers to get coronavirus vaccination
Hall County Government Center

Hall County is the latest government entity in the area to start offering incentives for its employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19. 

The Hall County Board of Commissioners approved a program Thursday Aug. 12 to give $500 to employees who are fully vaccinated by Sep. 30. This includes employees who received their vaccine before the program’s start. The incentive will be paid for using American Rescue Plan funds, according to a county press release. 

“We want to see as many of our employees as possible vaccinated against COVID-19,” Chairman Richard Higgins wrote in a statement. “Our hope is that this incentive helps improve the health and safety of our workforce overall as we continue to provide essential services to the public.”

The city of Gainesville started its incentive program on July 30, also giving $500 to any employee who already received their vaccine or for those who start the vaccination process by Aug. 15. As of Aug. 11, 304 out of 853, or 36%, of active full-time and part-time city employees have turned in proof of full vaccination, City Manager Bryan Lackey wrote in an email. 

Since the program started, 52 employees have notified the city that they received their first shot of the vaccine, Lackey wrote. As of Aug. 11, 42% of employees have gotten at least one vaccine shot, showing an increase since the start of the incentive, but these numbers are still similar to the overall county vaccination rates. Georgia Department of Health data shows about 42% of Hall County’s population has received at least one shot, and 37% are fully vaccinated.

Oakwood and Flowery Branch also started incentivizing employees to get the shot in the last two weeks but have not shared what percentage of their employees are vaccinated. 

The county’s largest employer, the Northeast Georgia Health System, started their incentive program on July 27, giving $400 to employees already vaccinated and those who get vaccinated by the end of September. When NGHS started the program, 50% of its employees were fully vaccinated, and 57% are vaccinated as of Aug. 11. These data are updated weekly on the NGHS website. 

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