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Births published Sept. 27
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Adams, a girl, Emma Lorene, Sept. 16, Susan and Sam Adams, Cleveland.

Adams, a boy, Jonathan Edward, Sept. 17, Suzanne and Nathan Adams, Cleveland.

Alcaraz, a girl, Auriana Nicole, Sept. 15, Elizabeth and Juan Alcaraz, Flowery Branch.

Almeida, a boy, Brandon, Sept. 17, Alma Garcia and Joaquin Almeida, Gainesville.

Anderson, a girl, Olivia Grace, Sept. 9, Tina Walden and Ritchie Anderson, Dahlonega.

Avalos, a girl, Jocelyn, Sept. 16, Trinidad Guevara and Jose Antonio Avalos, Gainesville.

Bennett, a boy, Eli Kaynen, Sept. 11, Dawn and PJ Bennett, Maysville.

Brinkley, a girl, Layla Victoria, Sept. 16, Roxanne Moody and Derrick Brinkley, Lawrenceville.

Burgess, a girl, Abbigail Rose, Aug. 30, Katie Tow and Michael Burgess, Demorest.

Cato, a boy, Jaylin Dwayne, Sept. 21, Ashley Pirkle and Henry Cato Jr., Decatur.

Chester, a girl, Katie Lee, Sept. 18, Cassie and Blake Chester, Dahlonega.

Doster, a girl, Josilyn Zipporah, Sept. 21, Amanda and Bobby Doster, Pendergrass.

Falcon, a girl, Emily Marie, Sept. 21, Isabel and Marcelo Falcon, Buford.

Frady, a boy, Ezekeil Dillard Lyod, Sept. 4, Brittany and Harvie Frady, Dahlonega.

Gaudry, a girl, Magnolia Lee, Sept. 9, Malinda Lueck and James Gaudry, Cornelia.

Gutierrez, a boy, Junior Martin, Aug. 21, Perla M. and Martin Gutierrez, Cornelia.

Hall, a boy, Kyle Allen, Sept. 21, Lindsey and Matt Hall, Mount Airy.

Hall, a boy, Matthew Jacob, Sept. 21, Lindsey and Matt Hall, Mount Airy.

Hardeman, a girl, Jessiyah Elaine, Sept. 9, Courtney Jackson and Jessie "Frogg" Hardeman, Gainesville.

Henderson, a girl, Natalie Yvonne, Sept. 14, Virginia and Chris Henderson, Alto.

Hunt, a girl, Allison Mae, Sept. 15, Marie and Shane Hunt, Baldwin.

Jones, a boy, Albey Neil, Sept. 15, Wendy and Allen Jones, Gainesville.

Kafsky, a girl, Laurel Blake, Aug. 19, Jen and Chris Kafsky, Clarkesville.

Lee, a boy, John David, Sept. 14, Paige and Shawn Lee, Clarkesville.

Mann, a girl, Kaylee Nicole, Sept. 15, Sharonda and Trevor Mann, Maysville.

McGuire, a girl, Bayle Ann, Aug. 25, Jasmine Mitchell and Jason McGuire, Cleveland.

Notebaert, a boy, Edmund Peter IV, Sept. 16, Cynthia and Edmund Notebaert, Gainesville.

Payne, a boy, William Nickolas, Sept. 17, Monique Valdez and Tyler Mark Payne, Dahlonega.

Phillips, a boy, Lawrence Lewis, Sept. 11, Heather and Ronnie Phillips, Clarkesville.

Popham, a boy, Walter Asa, Sept. 18, Kim and Bryan Popham, Demorest.

Ramirez, a boy, Gabriel Lucas, Aug. 24, Brandiwyne and Jorge Ramirez, Jacksonville, N.C.

Reed, a girl, Isabella Trinity, Aug. 16, Jennifer Maynard and Ryan Reed, Gainesville.

Riley, a boy, Andrew Scott, Aug. 19, Andrea and Scott Riley, Buford.

Roberts, a boy, Landon Lane, Sept. 9, Cody and Christopher Roberts, Maysville.

Roberts, a girl, Brooklyn Bailey, Sept. 20, Brandi and Jonathan Roberts, Lula.

Ruiz, a boy, Augustine David, Sept. 17, Angelique and Augusto Ruiz, Gainesville.

Spiva, a girl, Abigail Marie, Sept. 18, Heather Spiva, Clarkesville.

Strother, a boy, Hayden Lee, Sept. 21, Mary Holden and Robert Strother III, Snellville.

Wright, a boy, Nicholas Cole, Aug. 29, Nicole and Wesley Wright, Toccoa.

Wilson, a girl, London Jean, Sept. 18, Christina and Nathan Wilson, Oakwood.

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