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Alkhatib, girl, Ezra Afaf, May 12, Lauren and Anmad Alkhatib, Jefferson.

Bozeman, girl, Brooklyn Lillian, April 13, Amber and Kevin Bozeman, Gainesville.

Briggs, girl, Emmaline Sawyer, May 9, Rachel and Joseph Briggs, Braselton.

Brookshire, girl, Macie Grey, May 12, Kaylie and Blake Brookshire, Demorest.

Chester, boy, Larry Edward, May 16, Rockzanne Wilbur and Carey Chester, Braselton.

Dorsey, girl, Sade Lai Lee Sakura, May 19, Sabrina Vaughn and Stuart Dorsey, Gainesville.

Olson, girl, Sarah Grace, April 29, Kimberly and Joshua Olson, Gainesville.

Zeis, boy, Hagen Chad, Dec. 11, Jessie and Chad Zeis, Whitesburg.