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Want to dive into the fall color? Here's what you need for a successful mountain biking adventure
Fall is here. You can smell it in the cooling air. The humidity has become a little less like soup. There’s an inviting crispness to the morning breeze pulling us away from the air conditioner, outside, back into the sunshine. Nearly every mountain town is gearing up for the fall festivals for which our region is famous. People travel for miles to come marvel at our beautiful North Georgia mountains. At this time of year, Hogpen Gap can feel a bit like Interstate 85 at rush hour, only people are pushing their noses against the windshields of their slow-moving cars to peer at Mother Nature’s autumnal color. For anybody who has ridden a bicycle on our local trail systems, fall is Christmas, July Fourth, Labor Day and every other holiday rolled into one. Trail riders don’t want to merely marvel at the beauty of the landscape, we want to dive into it, wrap ourselves in the cooling embrace of the endless for
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