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Try your hand at some local history trivia
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Another local history quiz. See how many questions you can answer.

1. What savings and loan occupied the site where Sun Trust Bank is today in the block bordered by Green Street, Brenau Avenue, E.E. Butler Parkway and Washington Street?

2. What church once occupied part of that same site at the corner of Brenau Avenue and Green Street?

3. Sweet Magnolias occupies the corner building at Main and Spring on the Gainesville square. What department store once was located there, and what business followed it?

4. What business operated at the corner of Main and Washington where Saul’s is located today?

5. What business was on the corner of Washington and Main where Burton’s recently closed, and what was on the opposite corner where Dress Up is today?

6. What is the oldest county in Northeast Georgia?

7. Where was gold first discovered in Georgia?

8. Who built Jarrett Manor near Toccoa?

9. For whom was Murrayville in Hall County named?

10. For whom was Maysville in Jackson County named?

11. Where was the Wheeler Hotel in Gainesville?

12. Where was Uncle Jack’s Newsstand, and who was Uncle Jack?

13. What other newsstand was nearby?

14. Before Lakeshore Mall in Gainesville, there were two Belk stores. Where were they?

15. What was the name of the women’s clothing store in what was called the Dixie Hunt Arcade at the Main Street entrance of the Dixie-Hunt Hotel in the 1950s?


1. Home Federal Savings and Loan. In the fall, Green Street was blocked to accommodate the bank’s annual curb market.

2. First Presbyterian Church, which relocated to South Enota Drive.

3. JCPenney stood for years at the corner of Spring and Main on the downtown square. Julian Bloodworth was its longtime manager. When it moved to Lakeshore Mall, Burton’s opened in the location in 1970 and operated for about 10 years before a furniture business opened.

4. McLellan’s dime store. It also had an annex across Washington Street.

5. Estes department store was in the building previously occupied by Gainesville National Bank on the downtown square, and on the opposite corner was the Princeton Hotel.

6. Jackson County was created Feb. 11, 1786, from Franklin County, which, of course, preceded Jackson. Jackson was the 22nd county created in Georgia.

7. Gold was discovered and mined in Lumpkin and White counties in Georgia early on, but actually the first gold find was in Villa Rica in West Georgia in 1826. Villa Rica means “City of Riches.” Gold mining, however, flourished more in White and Lumpkin counties, where the mineral was discovered a couple of years later.

8. It wasn’t Devereaux Jarrett, for whom the former tavern, trading post and post office was named. Jesse Walton, a Revolutionary War veteran, built the place in 1784 as an outpost to defend against the Indians. Walton heirs later sold it to James Wyly before Jarrett entered the picture in 1810. He established the place as Travelers’ Rest, catering to Confederate soldiers as others who visited the area.

The state of Georgia bought the landmark in 1955 as a tourist attraction from Mary Jarrett White, a granddaughter of Devereaux Jarrett.

9. Patrick J. Murray, who in 1836 operated a store, boarding school and hotel there.

10. There’s some doubt, according to the late Hall County historian Sybil McRay. But she concluded it could be from Richard Mays, among a few who were looking to name the town that had been known as Brick Store. In 1878, the town had three stores and was incorporated in 1879. It was a stop on the Northeastern Railroad, which ran from Athens to Lula.

11. The hotel was on Main Street where Hall County Library is today.

12. Uncle Jack’s Newsstand was adjacent to Wheeler Hotel and was operated by Jack Elrod.

13. The Princeton Newsstand was a part of the Princeton Hotel at the corner of Main and Washington.

14. Gallant-Belk located on Gainesville’s downtown square at the corner of Spring and Bradford in 1934. When Sherwood Plaza shopping center opened on South Enota Drive, it had a second store there. Now known only as Belk, it has the one department store in Lakeshore Mall.

15. The Little New Yorker Shop, which advertised itself as “A Little Bit of New York in Dixie.”

Johnny Vardeman is retired editor of The Times.