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Your Views: We should preserve our history before we lose it
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As I read the article Sunday about the Chicopee water tower, I could not help but think how wonderful it would be if our community started preserving history instead of forgetting about it.

There are many of these historic places still left within this town and surrounding area and I believe we should do our best to save them.

A great example is the building that was situated next to the Gainesville Midland train. That building was full of history and had been there since the tornado of 1936. As I understand, this building was torn down in order to make room for a new parking lot. Why do we need another parking lot? Why could the building not be revamped and preserved for some type of business?

The same goes for the Chicopee water tower. Instead of letting it go to waste, let's start an effort to restore this very significant piece of local history.

The Gainesville square looks nice since it has been overhauled and other areas of town could be the same way if we did not destroy them. I know I'm not the only citizen who is interested in this community's history so let's step in and start preserving it.

Nathan Reed

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