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Your Views: Rely on society, free enterprise, not government
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Alan Shope on Friday's Opinion page and the "beloved Pope" he quoted hit the nail on the head in saying that "A society will be judged on the basis of it treats its weakest members." Thank goodness the Pope did NOT say "A government will be judged ..."

Because, as we all should know from painful experience when "society" (you and I) give government $1,000 for social programs, the government (after paperwork and overheard) gives one person $200 ... maybe. On the other hand, when "society" gives the local church (also part of "society") $1,000 for the unfortunate poor, five people receive $200 each. And when "society" gives the money to the Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc., probably three or four people get $200 each. Society is able to do what government cannot and should not do.

Charlie Waddell's letter Friday gave me a great idea: We should get together and ask the new "limited government, low tax kind of guy" Ashley Bell, Hall County commissioner, if he will work to please close down the stupid, outrageously expensive city of Gainesville-run Red Rabbit buses and let Hall County taxpaying local taxi companies (called American free enterprise) drive people who need a ride around town, assuming they cannot get a ride with a family member, neighbor or friend.

This needs to be done before the new, conservative U.S. federal government takes over all three branches of government in 2013 and stops sending us back 20 cents of each $1 it takes from us in taxes (after wasting the 80 cents) to run the Rabbit.

Since Mr. Bell knows our current temporary president, who told us this week that he, too, is against wasteful spending, he should be able to go right to the top to get this done. Ya think?

Rick Frommer

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