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Your Views: Opposition to administration is based on ideas, not race
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Is it just me? Or do others, who read The Times think that columnist Jesse Corn has no understanding of American history or the U.S. Constitution?

I don’t like President Barack Obama, David Axlerod, Rahm Emanuel, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid conspiring to federalize (and then unionize) over one sixth of the private economy, not because one is 50 percent white and 50 percent black, as Corn says he suspects is the reason why I oppose the work of these characters. Nor do I dislike their fascist deeds because one is Jewish, one is an opportunist and two are corrupt politicians and leftists.

I don’t like what they are doing because I believe that the federal government has no constitutional, legal right to take over, own or replace private business at all ever period no matter what political group does it.

Rick Frommer

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