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Your Views: Christians are under attack in the nation they founded
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Something is wrong in America today and I fear it will only get worse unless we embrace change. Change is a word and a concept we have heard much about over the past year from the liberal socialist of the wacky left.

I, as a Christian, right-wing, politically incorrect white male — one of the most endangered class of people — embrace change. I long for change, but not the kind of change we are seeing in America today, not the kind of change that the liberals are pushing on us.

I embrace real change, change that you can believe in. Not the change that is intent on tearing down and rebuilding America into a socialist state.

The kind of change we need is a return to the foundations of our nation. We are a Christian nation founded on Christian principles and ideas.

I challenge anyone who doubts that we are a Christian nation to take down a history book and read about the founding of our nation. Be sure and pick one that has not been watered down and made to fit a liberals false idea of America. That would leave out most history books from our public schools!

Were all our founders Christians? No, but they lived and governed by principals from the Bible.

Because we are a Christian nation, we are a free nation. We recognize, or least we used to recognize, the rights of citizens to worship freely the religion of their choice. Sadly, that is not the case any more in America.

We are seeing a growing movement by out of control courts and groups like the ACLU denying the rights of Christians. We have a president who says we are no longer a Christian nation.

Just recently a New Jersey federal appeals court upheld a ban on Christmas songs in public schools that include any mention or reference of Jesus. This same court said that "Frosty the Snowman" and "Santa Claus is Coming To Town" is perfectly fine.

Yes, there is something wrong in America. Every religious sect outside of Christianity is protected, while the rights of Christians are thrown under the bus. While all of this is going on we sit by as Christians trying to be politically correct as our nation is being dragged down the path self destruction.

Yes, America, we need change. What we need first and foremost is repentance.

We need American citizens who are Christians to stand up and demand our nation be returned to her foundation before it is gone forever. We need more politically incorrect Christians.

The Rev. John Spinks

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