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Your Views: Members of Congress fail to protect our Constitution
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An open letter to Rep. Doug Collins and Sens. Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson:

How long will the Congress of the United States continue to permit President Barack Obama to break laws in violation of the U.S. Constitution? And how long will our elected representatives continue to permit nonelected regulatory agencies make rules and regulations that violate the US Constitution and our sacred Bill of Rights?

With the first question, I refer to the changes Obama is unilaterally making to his so-called signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act. Although I believe the act is unconstitutional, I support many of its premises but I believe most to be flawed in execution. The facts are that the House and Senate approved it and the president signed it. An act signed into law cannot be changed except by congressional action or by ruling on its constitutionality by the Supreme Court.

Since we are a republic, founded on the principle of law, we must obey the ACA. No one is above the law, yet Obama has exempted some groups favorable to his political party from certain provisions of it and delayed implementation for other groups and no one has challenged him on his lawless actions.

With the second question, I refer to Health and Human Services actions regarding exceptions to the implementation of ACA; the Internal Revenue Service regarding to refusing or delaying IRS 501(c)(4) applications from conservative groups and their stonewalling of the investigation; and the Federal Communications Commission regarding inviting itself into network newsrooms to conduct “surveys.” Every one of these examples is a violation of law and the U.S. Constitution.

The bottom line is that all members in the House and Senate aren’t doing your jobs — you all ought to be fired for not discharging your oaths of office because you failed to stop Obama from violating the Constitution and his oath of office and his repeatedly lying to the American public.

Your lack of action is unconscionable. You are our representatives in the branch of government that is supposed to help maintain the balance of power among the three branches of government. You are obligated to convey the views of your constituents, guided by your own moral compasses, which have apparently lost true North.

If you do not discharge the will of the people, then the will of the people will be to ensure you don’t represent them any longer than your current term of office. I have lost all confidence in your ability to uphold your oaths of office, and if you can’t do that, you should immediately resign and get a job where you can follow the rules.

Serving in Congress is a privilege, but only if you faithfully serve. To say I am upset is an understatement; I am furious with the deceitful manner in which the president has acted in contravention of our Constitution, and equally furious with you for your failure to stop him from doing so.

A.R. McCahan

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