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Your Views: Guns in more places could prevent tragedy
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My comment concerns the position taken by Hall County Schools Superintendent Will Schofield on having guns in his schools (Feb. 19, Guns in more places: Is it a good idea?).

Does Mr. Schofield live in the real world? His statement that we “rely on trained law enforcement officers to carry weapons” is totally absurd and irrational. Rely? What is his plan for the first five to 10 minutes when “insanity and death” with a gun roam the halls of one of his schools?

If Sandy Hook had an armed administrator or teacher, there’s a good possibility that many young, innocent lives would have been saved. We all know that it would take time for police to respond to a school shooting incident. In the crucial first few minutes, who is going to protect our children from a maniac, hell-bent on destroying precious life? We need a guarantee that our children are protected from the evil that exists in this society today.

It’s too easy to look the other way and hope our police can provide protection. They can’t. Remove the “Gun Free Zone” signs and allow guns to be carried by responsible, law-abiding citizens and teachers. Don’t let another Sandy Hook happen in Gainesville.

Jim McCarthy

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