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Our Views: Striking down spying, torture can preserve a free, noble USA
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God bless the judge who decided the National Security Agency case. With all the pressure to change, surely President Barack Obama is beginning to realize the damage he is doing to America through these surveillance methods.

But this is only the beginning. So much more needs to happen to restore justice and truth in America. The judge questioned the NSA’s effectiveness. But that fact is irrelevant, just as debating whether torture is effective. We are not an “ends justify means” society and we must keep our focus on those ideals which make us who we are, remaining true to those ideals in order to endure.

America was created and blessed by the Creator of the universe and America’s ultimate success depends upon her maintaining a righteous and just society true to our divine mandate. Failing to do so will destroy America from within.

Giving in to those who accept torture, to expediency, is a threat to America’s very existence. What good is it to secure America’s borders against outside threats if we lose the battle for who we are within?

In this time when we are losing so many idealistic and noble great ones, such as Peter O’Toole, Joan Fontaine our beloved Nelson Mandela and others, it’s time to remember these great ones, holding them close to us. Those bonds of love tying us together continue here, connecting us to them still, for death does not destroy the bonds of love.

May God bless our first responders, our troops and veterans, the caretakers across the world in the war and natural disasters, blessing all those giving comfort and aid. May God bless Desmond Tutu, Billy Graham, Pope Francis, Pope Benedict and bless our world faith community, holding in His love and grace, all those who are making a difference here now, helping us maintain a free, wholesome, moral America with character, integrity and a spirit of brotherly love.

May God bless the USA.

Elizabeth Hinesley

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