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Letter: TV networks should keep ads from interrupting the programs

This week, I watched ABC begin to use my TV screen as a billboard on “Dancing with the Stars.” Through each performance, discussion and scoring period a sign appeared on the screen plugging a new show. This display continued until commercial breaks, then resumed. I eventually gave up on a show which I have enjoyed in previous years because of the distraction.

Go now to NFL games and PGA tournaments. What have become the most hated phrases in televiewing are “presented by” and “brought to you by.” These phrases usually precede some worthless display such as Top 2-Yard Gain or Most Colorful Helmet, or in golf, Best Raked Sand Trap or Heaviest Golf Bag.

The networks, the PGA and the NFL are moaning about losing their TV audience while selling more and more advertising time. The answer should be obvious. Pop-ups and stupid interruptions to the game take away the drama and excitement the performers generate. 

Could we go back to the old FCC rule that allowed only 20 minutes of advertising per 60 minutes of program time?

Bruce W. Hallowell


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