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Letter: True meaning of Christmas is ignored by our immoral nation
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Christmas is probably my least favorite of all the holidays we celebrate each year. I’m a Christian who believes Jesus is truly “the reason for the season.” 

The reason for my displeasure is that our nation and society, generally speaking, no longer accept the concept of a single, supreme God sending His son to be born to save mankind.

Our educated elite thinkers have chosen to peddle the idea that men evolved from monkeys and apes and that God is a farce. When I consider our “leaders” in Washington, all the weirdos and perverts in Hollywood and so many in America who won’t believe in a supreme merciful God, I can understand why so many adhere to this theory. 

I don’t enjoy the Christmas season when I think of so many who are not blessed as many of us are. We take for granted that God has given us so many blessings. Throughout the year, so many live with the miseries of life, and at Christmas, all of it is greatly highlighted. When we are reveling in the gaiety of the holidays and rushing to “Black Friday” specials to shop, we forget those less fortunate.

To me, the biggest heartache is the children. Their young minds don’t understand why they can’t enjoy the gifts other children receive. Greed and selfishness are seen on the part of so many of us.

Back in Jesus’ day, King Herod ordered all male babies slaughtered. What is the difference between that monster and America today? We run the slaughterhouse of Planned Parenthood, every day butchering many innocent babies while we sing “Silent Night” and “Joy to the World” and foolishly expect God to bless our nation.

You only have to watch the daily news to see the murder, mayhem and lawlessness that has become America today. What can we expect? We’ve thrown Jesus, the Bible, prayer and simple morality out of our schools and public places. We have become a nation of fools. 

There is a surefire remedy for bringing our nation back from the brink of hell. If we, as a nation, don’t turn back to our only salvation, make no mistake, God will make us pay a price one day too terrible to imagine. The choice is yours.

Mickey Montgomery


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