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Opinion: Conservatives aim to maintain dominance at steep cost
02012018 LETTER

Dick Biggs recently offered his pedigree of success to justify his partisan remarks and smears. He said “If you must call me names, have at it.” 

I didn’t call Biggs names, but he has certainly called President Joe Biden names. In recent letters, he called Biden “cowardly”, “clueless”, “sleepy”, “incompetent”, “no good”, “radical”, “a socialist”, “frail, feckless and unfit to serve as president”, and “a national embarrassment”. What’s funny? Biggs believes he’s the one being called names. 

Biggs said “I’m a happy person and so are my Christian friends. Most liberals seem angry and miserable.” 

Actually, I’m disgusted by his rabid opportunism. I’ll say this: if a person believes calling President Biden all the names listed above is a sign of patriotism, happiness or good Christian behavior, he should probably have his head examined. Everyone is entitled to a worldview and an opinion. However, they are not entitled to their own facts. People who make up their own facts or false narratives to attack others in pursuit of a political agenda are often said to be liars and manipulators. 

Biggs said he’s a professional speaker and author. Professionals are paid, so he’s a paid speaker. His website says he is “The A-Line-Ment Specialist”. I assume this means he specializes in bringing people’s beliefs into alignment with an agenda. A paid speaker might be hired to get people to believe in themselves, their company or perhaps in the agenda of a political party. 

Politicians are sometimes paid to make speeches after they retire from office. This payment has nothing to do with what they did for the public interest or the greater good. Instead, it’s about offering a gratuity to the person for saying what influencers behind the scenes want the public to believe. Doing it this way makes it look almost legitimate, like a book deal, but it’s really a paid hatchet job delivered by a professional hatchet man. And if you dare to question their motives, Dick Biggs has said it’s a free country. 

Some conservatives glibly chant “Let’s go Brandon!” That phrase is a euphemism for an obscene, unprintable epithet condemning President Biden. It implies an intention to block everything Biden and Democrats try to do. Compare this to the example of goodwill toward men set by Jesus Christ and the Golden Rule. 

During the 2000 presidential election, a ballot recount in Florida was stopped by the Brooks Brothers Riot. This incident involved a bunch of Republican congressional aides who were flown to Florida at party expense to pose as angry local voters and cause a riot to stop the count. This is basically the same thing the rioters who attacked the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 intended to do. Their plan was to disrupt and prevent the official counting of presidential electors. Both mobs were sent by conservative groups to stop democracy, cancel the vote, disenfranchise citizens and maintain their own dominance at any cost. Don’t let them deny and bury our constitutional rights.

Bruce Vandiver