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Letter: Hall County school board members should do more to protect students

Since May 2010, I have attended more that a hundred Hall County Board of Education meetings. In that time, I have observed the board approve expenditure of an enormous amount of our tax dollars on school security. 

No reasonable person would object to that expenditure. There is nothing more important than the safety of our children in our public schools as they prepare for their future.

That expense, however, is like using facial tissue to treat someone who has pneumonia. The security purchased for our schools does not treat the cause of the problem but only the symptom. 

Hall County school board members do not have any authority to address the cause of the problem, and in their official roles as education leaders in our community have done the best they can. However, in their political lives they have not. 

Based on what I have experienced at board meetings over more than nine years, I would expect that If each of the five were asked, they would be found to be strong advocates of preserving their second amendment right. I doubt if any of them would advocate for strong gun control legislation. 

They will respond that they have initiated mental health programs for students in Hall County Schools. Unfortunately, I am not aware of the funding they have provided for addressing mental health issues.

The article in the Sept. 29, 2019, Times, “How schools are teaching our kids to be prepared for active shooters,” exposes what is really accomplished by the drills. 

One parent is quoted “We spend a lot of time consoling (our children) and reminding them that school is actually a safe place for them where they will learn and make friends.” Can the effect of that consolation be measured? 

Ask yourself what would make our children truly safe in our public schools. They should never have to be consoled or experience the trauma of lockdown drills. 

School board members know what must be done to make children safe in our schools. In their political activity outside of their school board responsibilities, they would serve us well by demonstrating that they know.

Frank Lock


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