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Letter: Democrats put national security at risk with their opposition to border wall
Border wall.jpg
Migrants looking for a hole in the border wall to enter the United States from Tijuana, Mexico, Wednesday, Dec. 26, 2018. - photo by Associated Press
Now that there’s a partial federal government shutdown over border security, ponder these points:

A federal government shutdown impacts only nonessential agencies. Once the shutdown ends, these employees get retroactive pay. Thought: Why do these agencies exist if they’re nonessential?

Prominent Democrats like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are on record for supporting a border wall (videos don’t lie). However, with President Trump in the White House, Democrats refuse to fund the wall. The hypocrisy is appalling.

Democrats say they’re for border security but against building a wall. That’s like saying you want to prevent the river from flooding, but you’re unwilling to build a dam.

Democrats say a wall is “immoral.” Well, when illegal immigrants murder innocent Americans, that’s immoral and criminal. When illegal immigrants sell drugs that addict and kill American citizens, that’s immoral and criminal. The hypocrisy continues.

Democrats say a wall is “too expensive.” Nonsense! The price of building a wall is a mere fraction of what it costs to give tons of free benefits to illegal immigrants. Considering the size of the American economy, $25 billion or less to build a wall is a relatively minor but justifiable outlay.

Moreover, walls work (ask Israel) and flimsy fences don’t. When a pregnant illegal immigrant recently scaled a border fence and gave birth on American soil, it reinforced why real border security requires a big, impenetrable wall.

Democrats want open borders because they covet the votes of illegal immigrants in order to gain political power. How can any logical, patriotic American defend an open border policy?

Democrats use border security as a political weapon. If they’re so concerned about illegal immigrants, why didn’t Democrats accept the DACA deal that would have allowed these people to pursue a path to citizenship in exchange for funding and building a wall? These phony politicians prefer pontification over performance.

Democrats object to showing photo IDs at voting sites because they think it suppresses turnout. Yet, hypocritical Democrats don’t mind if illegal immigrants show up and vote unlawfully. Photo IDs don’t eliminate voter fraud, but they certainly minimize it.

Democrats conveniently forget that any legal citizen can and should possess a free photo ID. Recently, I used mine to vote, rent a car, board an airplane, check in to a hotel, cash checks, pick up orders at stores, retrieve tickets at a will-call window and enter a gated community to visit friends.

Democrats tout their compassion for illegal immigrants, but that quality vanishes when thousands of future Americans are aborted each year under the guise of women’s health care and pro-choice. That’s the epitome of hypocrisy.

One of the main reasons President Trump was elected is because he promised to build a wall on our southern border. With the Democrats set to control the House, will they continue to place so-called compassion for illegal immigrants above common sense for American citizens? More importantly, will they continue to put our national security at even greater risk? We’ll see.

Dick Biggs


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