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Letter: FBIs failure to prosecute Clinton violates Americas rule of law
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With the punt by FBI Director James Comey, I believe we have witnessed the most devastating blow to the rule of law that I have seen in my lifetime of 91 years. This whole episode stinks so much it would burn your nostrils if you were standing on Mars.

The country has had to endure the Clintons for 25 years and now we are asked to extend that agony for another four years or, God forbid, possibly eight. I believe it is grossly unfair to the public to be dragged through another never-ending river of mud, lies, high drama, nervous uncertainty about our safety and the blatant display of incompetence.

I am always amazed at how the Clintons deal with shame, moral depravity and lawlessness. Their first response is to deny, deny and deny even in the face of undisputable facts.

Their next move is to destroy their accusers. After we haul off the bodies, they just act like it never happened, i.e., “It’s time to move on.”

So far it has worked every time and there no reason to believe it will not continue to do so while the Republicans remain in never-never land. You see, there is only one set of laws, not two as some maintain: a set for the unwashed, and no laws for the Clintons and their partners in skullduggery. They are above the law so why should they even be concerned about the law for others?

How many lives have been lost because of her gross negligence and the sloppy way she handled her responsibility? How many times, when ask about the possibility of being indicted, she answered “I am not in the least concerned.” I wondered why she could be so confident; now I know.

The system is rotten at the top and the peons are paying the cost of keeping the well-connected in the driver’s seat. By the way, I am not convinced Loretta Lynch and Slick Willy only talked about the grandkids. If you believe this, I have some swamp land in Siberia you would probably be interested in — be a great place for a winter retreat.

Gary Gambrell

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