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Letter: A president who knows business is just what our country needs
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Recently the subject of paid taxes came up in the debates on television. I know for a fact Donald Trump, being a tremendous businessman, is very knowledgeable about the many ways taxes can be paid but not at the risk of losing money. He is aware there are many tax-deferred accounts business people use. He is not just a candidate for president but a private person as well, and in being so has the same rights to finding the best way to invest his money and his many companies’ funds in a lucrative way while paying those taxes. Tax credits, IRAs, investing in property and charitable organizations are just a few of the ways.

I know the Clintons have received a huge amount of money from other people, for speeches or just to help them. As a former president, I believe Bill Clinton would not be allowed to accept anything that might be misconstrued as a bribe.

Mr. Trump is aware of business and has done a wonderful job in providing many people with work. The unemployment situation we have in the United States would be over with his knowledge and leadership, and by bringing corporate production back to this country. We need to see “Made In The USA” on everything. That alone will empower our country to rise in stature and wealth.

Some Americans know that being here is wonderful, but others try to undermine our country and are mostly unknowledgeable about what will generate business. I’m only saying that the leadership of a country with a president who knows corporate tactics and who is an entrepreneur in every business is better at analyzing what will grow our country and give people more jobs.

I vote we look at the differences of the candidates more closely, because our future is on the line. And I would rather have Mr. Trump as our leader.

Judy Manke

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