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A petition opposed to renaming Jim Crow Road has emerged. Here’s what it says
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A petition is circulating to change the name of Jim Crow Road in Flowery Branch to Crow Road. - photo by Scott Rogers

petition to rename Jim Crow Road in South Hall is drawing opposition of its own.

As of Tuesday, June 16, 325 people had signed a petition seeking to “save” the road’s name. The road was named after Glennon “Jim” Crow, who once owned the property along its path and was considered to be a community leader.

“So, in memory of this great man who had a road dedicated in his honor, stop the race baiting,” the petition says. “Leave our town and our roads alone. This is not a racial issue. Educate yourself and stop trying to dishonor this man. Every original Flowery Branch resident understands this road, please sign this petition to keep it.”

The petition counters one that has called for the road name to be changed and, as of Tuesday, had more than 7,100 signers. The petition says, “The longstanding history of slavery and mistreatment of African Americans is being represented by this street name.”

A group known as “Team WaywardArchangels” suggests the name change to Crow Road. 

“This will remove the negative connotation and make people feel more comfortable announcing which street they live on, while also still honoring the family and the importance that Jim Crow had for that community.”

The pro-street name petition says “it's not difficult to understand why some Atlantans want to change the street's name. Jim Crow laws targeted African-Americans for almost a century, suppressing their voting rights and enforcing racial segregation throughout the South.”

The petition goes on to trace the road’s roots to Crow, who has been described by his grandson, Randy Crow, as not having a “racial bone in his body.”

He has said his grandfather offered a hand to both white and black families who lived near his farm he started in the early 1930s

“This road is the complete opposite of racist,” the pro-street name petition says.

The petition goes on to call for America to “stop hating each other and work together on loving each other. Never apologize for the color you were born. You are your own person and race doesn’t define you. It’s time for America to stop being 2-year-olds.”

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A petition is circulating to change the name of Jim Crow Road in Flowery Branch to Crow Road. - photo by Scott Rogers
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