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Celebrating Perseverance: Courtney Allgood, in her own words, talking about Brecklynn's one year of remission
Brecklynn Allgood, center right, stands with her family, from left her mother Courtney, sister Briley, father Zach and brother Baylor, on Sept. 19 at their home in Clermont. Brecklynn, 6, is in remission after treatment for a rare form of childhood cancer originating in the chest and lungs. - photo by Nick Bowman

From the Times in Gainesville, this is Celebrating Perseverance, a podcast series about the ins and outs, the highs and lows of cancer and what it looks like for the people battling it in Hall County. 

On this episode, how the Allgood family dealt with and is still dealing with their young daughter Brecklynn’s cancer diagnosis.