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Puppies provide relief during Brenau exam week
Brenau University student Shakinah McNeil holds a puppy Tuesday afternoon as the Hall County Animal Shelter visits the school to provide some stress relief to students during finals week.

Puppy relief from exams

When: Noon to 2 p.m. Wednesday

Where: Sorority Circle gazebo, Brenau University

Who doesn’t like puppies?

During finals week at Brenau University, playful puppies were a welcome addition to campus for many students.

“It’s the best therapy ever,” freshman Melody Hayman said.

Hayman was one of about 20 students who came to the school’s Sorority Circle gazebo to pet, play with and cuddle the two puppies brought by Hall County Animal Shelter program coordinator Cindy Langman.

Langman said the event will continue Wednesday in the same location from noon to 2 p.m.

Brenau’s assistant director of student life, Lauren Bell, partnered with Langman to create the event four years ago and plans to keep the tradition in place.

“Students really love it,” Bell said. “It’s always been popular. When people see puppies, they come over.”

Sophomore Kristen Dickins, who is an exchange student from the United Kingdom, appreciated having the puppies around after taking one of her biology finals.

“I love puppies,” she said, smiling as she held a brown puppy in her arms.

However, Dickins said she would’ve prefered to have kittens, like they had last year.

The 19-year-old had one more final after puppy playtime and two more later in the week.

Shelly Restificar, a junior biology major, was also thankful for the puppies after her chemistry exam earlier in the day.

Last year, 21-year-old Restificar adopted the puppy from puppy therapy, who she named Anakin, and took him home to South Carolina.

On Tuesday, she group-texted her soccer team to come to the gazebo for puppies in all capitalized letters.

“They’ll be on their way soon,” she said.

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