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Man given 25 years behind bars in attempted murder case
Brandon Shane Dudley

A Gainesville man accused of stabbing a CVS employee in the head was sentenced to 25 years behind bars, according to court documents.

Brandon Shane Dudley, 34, took a negotiated plea Aug. 7 on charges of attempted murder and attempted armed robbery among other charges.

Dudley entered the store Nov. 1 at 103 Jesse Jewell Parkway demanding money and “immediately struck the employee in the head with a knife, lodging it into his head,” according to Gainesville Police.

“The victim was actually able to give officers a good deal of information that actually helped us,” Sgt. Kevin Holbrook said at the time of the arrest.

According to the indictment, Dudley is accused of “seriously disfiguring (the victim’s) body” as the man has “staples and a permanent scar to his head.”

Superior Court Judge Clint Bearden sentenced Dudley to a total 40-year sentence, with the first 25 years behind bars. After that, the rest of the sentence may be on probation.

Bearden kept open the option for restitution for the victim. Dudley is also banned from entering a CVS in the Northeastern Judicial Circuit, which includes Hall and Dawson counties.

Two counts of aggravated assault were merged into the sentence along with a count of aggravated battery.

“The trial court’s intention is for the defendant to be evaluated for mental health and to be placed in an appropriate facility,” according to the sentencing packet.

Defense attorney Matt Cavedon did not comment on the facts of the case but said he hopes “the Department of Corrections provides Mr. Dudley with the mental health support and psychiatric care that I believe that he needs.”

“We did append some pretty heavy duty mental health records, and the judge very strongly is recommending in the sentence that Mr. Dudley’s mental health needs be addressed,” Cavedon said.

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