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Mall loss prevention officer beaten as badge, radio stolen
James Jean Claude Pierre-Gilles
James Jean Claude Pierre-Gilles

A man is accused of beating a Lakeshore Mall loss prevention officer in the face and taking his badge and radio, police said.

Gainesville Police Sgt. Kevin Holbrook said James Jean Claude Pierre-Gilles, 30, approached the loss prevention officer around 12:45 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 5.

Police said Pierre-Gilles demanded the officer’s radio and badge.

“When the victim said no, the subject began to beat him,” Holbrook wrote in an email.

The officer was struck multiple times in the face before Pierre-Gilles walked away with the badge and radio.

Police arrested Pierre-Gilles a short time later, and he still had both items.

He was charged with robbery, battery and shoplifting and booked in to the Hall County Jail. According to the online jail database, Pierre-Gilles is being held on a collective $6,650 bond.

Holbrook did not release any further details on the case.