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Longstreet Clinic joins NGHS in adopting Epic records system
06292019 EPIC 1.jpg
Kavin Sutton works at the help desk Friday, June 28, 2019, at The Longstreet Clinic's Epic command center. Epic is a new advanced electronic health record system, which aims to create a single network for all patients so that determining each patients health care needs can be just a few clicks away. - photo by Scott Rogers

The Longstreet Clinic will start using a new records system on Monday, July 1 that will allow patient’s records to be shared with other providers in the area, including the Northeast Georgia Health System.

The Northeast Georgia Health System started using Epic in October 2017. Longstreet decided to switch to the system in December 2017. Since then, Longstreet’s staff members have spent more than 30,000 hours in training and preparation.

“At Longstreet Clinic, our patients are at the center of all that we do,” Mimi Collins, CEO of Longstreet, said in a statement. “That is why our team spent quite literally years on this project. I could not be prouder of the level of professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication that each and every staff member has displayed implementing Epic. This process is intense, and our team worked around the clock.”

Longstreet hired nine Lanier Technical College students to get the clinic ready for the change.

“In an effort to test every desktop, laptop, printer, scanner and beyond – Longstreet Clinic and the Lanier Technical College students had to touch and test every device to make sure every aspect of the technology worked as it should,” Loren Funk, chief operating officer at Longstreet, said in a statement. “A true community-wide effort, these students have provided invaluable manpower during our conversion process proactively helping to identify any possible technical disruptions to our patient flow prior to launch.”

The switch to Epic will allow providers with NGHS to see the records of a Longstreet patient they’re treating, and Longstreet providers could also see the records of patients who have been treated by a NGHS provider at a medical office or hospital.

Longstreet’s move to the Epic system will also give patients access to MyChart, an online portal where they can access their own records, make appointments, communicate with providers’ offices and pay bills.

“MyChart is the patient portal platform already in use by NGHS that helps connect patients to their doctor or provider to manage their health,” Dr. Chad Copper, co-chair of Longstreet’s Epic project, said in a statement. “When Longstreet Clinic goes live on July 1, it will sync our records in MyChart as well. So, patients of Longstreet Clinic who are already MyChart users through the Health System will automatically see our Longstreet providers and health information load to their accounts. And for new users, it will be an easy sign up process.” 

Carol Burrell, president and CEO of NGHS, said the partnership would provide more continuity for patients and help them access records more easily.

“Not only does our Epic partnership improve the health of our community by giving patients more access to information about their care, it also creates a foundation for NGHS and Longstreet Clinic to continue working together to provide services that our patients and community need,” Burrell said in a statement.

Longstreet’s pediatrics went live with electronic records in 2001, then the whole clinic had gone digital by 2005.


  • Compiled from Longstreet Clinic press release