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Police often park patrol cars at fire stations
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Why is there a Lawrenceville patrol car sitting in front of the fire station on East Crescent Drive almost every day?

Hall County Fire Chief David Kimbrell said almost all fire stations will have some law enforcement cars parked there, and fire departments work with the law enforcement agencies to allow this.

Cars are usually parked there by officers who live far from the law enforcement office where they serve, and by driving the car part of the way home they can get to it quicker when on call.

Capt. Greg Vaughn of the Lawrenceville Police Department said officers there can drive their cars home if they live within 15 miles of the Gwinnett County line. If the live farther, they must park the car somewhere, like at a fire station, rather than take it home.

Then if an officer is called to an assignment far away — for example to pick up someone from another county — that officer can drive a shorter distance to get his or her car and then go to the assignment, rather than having to drive all the way to the office when their assignment is not in that direction.

“Most of these people are on call people who are assigned a vehicle and have to be readily accessible,” Kimbrell said.

Vaughn said some Lawrenceville police officers are on call all the time and can take their vehicles home no matter how far away they live. Supervisors also can take their cars home.

Are there any plans to repair the sidewalks in downtown Gainesville area? Ridgewood, North Avenue, Bradford Street, etc.

Gainesville Public Works Director David Dockery said the city is currently focusing on the midtown area’s sidewalks, taking advantage of a grant funding opportunity. However, the department does have an ongoing sidewalk repair and replacement program, which they “work on as time and manpower permits,” Dockery said.

He added that if anyone finds a spot they think may be a trip hazard, they can contact the Streets Maintenance division at 770-535-0379.

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