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Why Inked Pig barbecue restaurant expansion plans are no more
04222021 INKED 2.jpg
The Inked Pig on Main Street wants to expand into the building next door but had to go through the Gainesville Historic Preservation Committee first. The plans have now been withdrawn. - photo by Scott Rogers

The Inked Pig barbecue restaurant in Gainesville has withdrawn plans to expand, said Jessica Tullar, the city’s housing and special projects manager.

She announced the withdrawal at the Gainesville Historic Preservation Commission meeting Monday night. Applicant Andrew Elliott wasn’t at the June 7 meeting. 

The commission voted to accept the withdrawal.

Elliott and fellow co-owner Jimmy Ellis had planned to lease the building next door and connect it to their Gainesville restaurant at 893 Main St. The expansion would have doubled the customer capacity to 120 and allowed for a full bar and lounge space.

They ran into issues at the commission’s May 3 meeting. Heyward Hosch, who used to own the historic building where the improvements were planned, said he had concerns about the project, including that “it could lose its landmark designation” through the changes.

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