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Hall commissioners vote on a proposed auto shop off Florence Drive

Despite neighbor opposition, Hall County commissioners approved an auto shop Thursday, March 25, near townhome communities off of Florence Drive. 

The applicant, Kent Henderson, who is also running for the District 3 county commission seat this May, said 90% of the traffic would come from Browns Bridge Road and through the Auto Gallery property adjacent to the proposed auto shop, rather than from Florence Drive. 

Four residents spoke in opposition to the application, saying it would add significant traffic and noise. Douglas Young said that a similar request had come before both Gainesville City Council and the Hall County Board of Commissioners before, and they had denied those requests. 

Commissioner Billy Powell approved the application, but downgraded the zoning request. 

Originally the applicant sought to change the nearly 1-acre parcel from agricultural-residential use to highway business. But Powell amended the zoning to planned commercial development, so that it could only be used as an auto shop. 

The board voted 4-1 in favor of the application with Commissioner Shelly Echols opposed.