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Elections board hears potential double-voting cases from 2020 election
12192020 BALLOT 1.jpg
Jay Lawson of the Hall County Elections Office opens a absentee ballot drop box Friday, Dec. 18, 2020, as Hall County Marshall Dwight Mobley observes at the Spout Springs Library. The ballots are removed regularly from the boxes. - photo by Scott Rogers

Three voters with Hall County and Florida residences may have voted in both Georgia and Florida in the 2020 general election.

Elections Director Lori Wurtz presented the cases to the board Thursday, saying that three counties in Florida contacted her about unusual activity from three voters, who are suspected of having voted in both Georgia and Florida last year. She confirmed that the voters all voted in Hall County, but she does not have full access to Florida voter registration information, she said. 

She could not investigate further on her own, Wurtz said, and she recommended that the board hire a professional investigator to examine these cases. All three voted via mail-in ballots, Wurtz said. 

“(One of the three suspects) registered in 2016 in Florida and July 27, 2020, in Georgia and then voted absentee by mail on Oct. 17, 2020. in Florida and Oct. 22 in Georgia,” Wurtz said. 

Because this suspect allegedly voted second in Hall County, they must be investigated by Hall County officials to determine any wrongdoing, Wurtz said. The second vote would be the crime, she said.

Any action the board takes will not hold any assumption of guilt, Chairman Tom Smiley said. He moved to table discussion until the board’s meeting on July 13. 

“I’d like for us to have everything in a row before we make any considerations,” Smiley said. “We’ll get attorney recommendations as well, and on behalf of the board I’ll discuss this more with the attorney and (Wurtz) before we come back to the board.”