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Gainesville woman indicted in fatal shooting of man she said 'was going to kill' her
10252021 Sarah Voss
Sarah Voss

A Gainesville woman was indicted this month on murder charges relating to an October fatal shooting at a Gainesville apartment complex, according to court documents.

Sarah Star Voss, 34, was indicted Dec. 15 on charges of malice murder, felony murder and aggravated assault in the Oct. 24 death of David Parnell Best, 42, of Lithonia.

In the indictment, Voss was accused of firing a handgun directly at Best at the Pine Cove Apartments.

Voss told 911 dispatchers that the man had harassed her for days and threw a brick through her window.

“He’s been harassing me for the past two days, and I think I shot him,” Voss said on the 911 call.

Voss also said on the 911 call that the man was “blowing my phone up.”

“He came out, came beating on my window and beating on my other window. He said he was going to kill me,” Voss said.

Tyne Smith, who was Voss’ manager at Dollar General, said she had never seen Best in person but had witnessed Voss arguing on the telephone and asking to be left alone.

“She was so afraid that he was going to find out where she works and find out where she lives,” Smith said.

Smith described Voss, who she met roughly a year ago, as calm and mild-mannered, adding that she believed Voss had to have been provoked.

Barry Voss, her father, said he was not aware of Best until after the shooting. 

“The only thing I can say is that I did know … she must have been afraid of something, because she talked one time about having a weapon for protection,” Barry Voss said.

Barry Voss said he had never seen his daughter commit violence against someone else, saying it was not in her nature.

Sarah Voss moved into the Gainesville apartment in early August and seemed to be doing well, Barry Voss said.

“When she moved into the apartment, she didn’t seem to want to make friends with anybody,” her father said. “And the people I met in the complex seemed to be nice, but she kept to herself.”

Defense attorney Brett Willis declined to comment.