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A woman claimed she was almost kidnapped on the Gainesville square. Police say it didn’t happen

A Gainesville woman claimed she was nearly abducted by two men in a van on the downtown Gainesville square, police said. 

But after tracking her movements, Gainesville police say that it never happened.

Aja Nicole Koseki, 35, was charged with felony making false statements, felony causing false public alarm and false report of a crime.

Gainesville Police Lt. Kevin Holbrook said Koseki reported in the late evening hours on May 18 about nearly being kidnapped around 5 p.m. that day.

“Initially she had reported that two males pulled up in a white van (and) attempted to abduct her,” Holbrook said. “There were some discrepancies within the information that she provided us that did not necessarily add up.”

Through the investigation, Holbrook said they determined the information she provided was “all false.”

The lieutenant said police knew she was on the square and went to a couple of different businesses nearby.

“We were able to look at different security and surveillance systems to practically track her every move, which dispelled the rumors of the attempted abduction,” Holbrook said.

Holbrook said they do not know what the motive was for the false information.

Information about the attempted kidnapping began spreading on social media, Holbrook said, which led them to put out information on the case.

Koseki was booked in to the Hall County Jail Tuesday, May 23, where her bond was listed as $12,700.