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5 things to know before June 13 Hall County Board of Commissioners meeting
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A South Hall project known as Reveille will include 122,500 square feet of retail space, 122,500 square feet of office space, 560 apartments, 75 townhomes, 25, assisted-living townhomes and a 175-room hotel. A Southern coastal craftsman type architectural theme would be used throughout the development.

A large development will likely be tabled Thursday by the Hall County Board of Commissioners, and the public will also be able to hear and comment on the county’s proposed budget for the next fiscal year.

Next fiscal year’s budget

Commissioners will hear a presentation of the proposed budget for the next fiscal year, which begins July 1, at Thursday’s meeting. The public can also comment on the budget and millage rate after the presentation Thursday.

A final vote on the budget is set for June 25.

Contract renewals

As the fiscal year ends, commissioners will also vote to renew several contracts with local vendors.

Some contracts up for a vote include $5 million to Allied Paving of Pendergrass for paving and resurfacing, $870,000 to various firms for civil engineering, and $830,000 to three on-call contractors.

The full list of contracts is on the Hall County website. The items will be on the consent agenda, a list of items voted on collectively and routinely approved by commissioners.

Reveille development in South Hall to be tabled

Reveille, a proposed development with about 2,000 homes, will likely be tabled Thursday at the applicant’s request.

The development will come back for a vote June 25.

The development at Ga. 211 and Union Church Road near Braselton would also have 482,415 square feet in retail space, 8.4 acres in outparcel development and a 175-room hotel.

The proposal by Rotunda Land & Development Group LLC is a scaled-back version of the former Atlanta River Walk project, which was approved in 2016. The man-made river that would have been the centerpiece of the development is gone, as is a proposed theater, convention center, grocery store and one of two hotels. The retail space has also been reduced.  

The Hall County Planning Commission recommended approval of Reveille on May 20.

Mountain View Road subdivision

A new 127-lot subdivision could be coming to Mountain View Road near Pine Crest Circle, if commissioners approve rezoning of the 38-acre property Thursday.

The homes would be priced in the low $180,000s to mid-$200,000 range. The neighborhood could take up to four years to build. The property would need to be rezoned from residential to planned residential development.

The planning commission recommended approval May 20.

Small wireless facilities ordinance

Commissioners will also hold a hearing on some proposed rules to regulate technology such as antennas in the right of way, although the final vote on the ordinance wouldn’t be until June 25.

The goal of the ordinance is to make sure that any new technology does not interfere with other equipment.

"Hall County understands the valuable tools these types of facilities can be, but we want to ensure that they don't interfere with vital equipment, like traffic signals, that citizens rely on for safety," Srikanth Yamala, the county’s planning director, said in a statement in May.

The rules will regulate “small wireless facilities.” To qualify, the structure's antenna must fit within an enclosure of 6 cubic feet or smaller. When accounting for all other wireless equipment at the facility, it cannot take up more than 28 cubic feet.

Under the proposed rules, any new, modified or replaced pole on a right of way zoned residential cannot be more than 50 feet tall. In areas that are not zoned residential, poles must be 50 feet or shorter, or within 10 feet in height of the highest pole within a 500-foot radius, whichever is higher.

The rules come shortly after the passage of Senate Bill 66, part of a group of bills to address rural broadband access. The state law encourages companies to place small cell technology on existing poles.

“Instead of having cell towers that are 200 feet in the air and have lights that blink and you have them all over the landscape … you’re going to see them camouflaged on street lights, light poles and utility poles and buildings around your city or town,” State Sen. Steve Gooch, R-Dahlonega, who introduced the bill, told The Times in April.

Hall County Board of Commissioners

When: 6 p.m. Thursday, June 13

Where: Hall County Government Center, 2875 Browns Bridge Road, Gainesville

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