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3 accused in taxi driver slaying plead guilty, avoid murder charge
Ignacio Mondragon

Three of five people previously accused of attempting to rob a taxi driver and fatally shooting him in March pleaded guilty Thursday and will not be prosecuted for felony murder.

Nicholas Allen Gonzalez, 24, Justin John Adams, 22, and Ignacio Mondragon, 21, all of Gainesville pleaded guilty to attempted armed robbery, conspiracy to commit armed robbery and violation of the Georgia Street Gang and Terrorism Prevention Act.

The three men, along with Misty Sunshine Moran, 39, and Margarita Jean Leanos, were arrested and charged with felony murder in March in alleged connection to taxi driver’s Isaias Tovar-Murillo’s death.

Investigators previously said they believed the case to be an armed robbery, accusing Moran of shooting Tovar-Murillo on and around the back of the head.

Adams and Mondragon were sentenced to 30 years and will serve 15 years in confinement. Gonzalez received a total of 25 years with the first 13 years to be served in prison.

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