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Going hunting in Jackson County? There's a new spot to get your prize processed, packed and ready for the freezer
11222019 DEER 1.png
Deer drink from Lake Lanier in fall 2019 - photo by Scott Rogers

With deer season in full swing, tons of people are looking for places to take their trophy to get processed.

Lucky for you, a new option just opened next door in Jackson County.

10102018 MEATS 1.jpg
Jeremy Harris, owner of Harris All Natural Meats and Butcher Shop in Jefferson, shows up a flank of beef at his store in June. Photo courtesy of Jeremy Harris.

Harris Meats has been a popular butcher shop in Jefferson for the last year and a half. Owner Jeremy Harris, and family opened the store in Commerce in 2014 and were at that location for three years before moving to Jefferson.

“We are a full-scale butcher market that buys local animals,” Harris said.

Harris Meats offers chicken, lamb, pork, beef and goat, among other meat, and seems to be a hit among the locals looking for another option outside of grocery store butcher counters. On its Facebook page, Harris Meats has a five-star rating from more than a thousand people. 

With a solid reputation as a conventional butcher shop, Harris Meats started getting a large volume of requests to process deer. It had been accepting deer during previous seasons, but only carcassas that had already been skinned.

Deer hunters in Jackson County got their wish almost two weeks ago, when Harris set aside space at the back of their building to do just that. Harris is also constructing additional space on the property for deer processing.

“We are just a small family business that is just getting started,” Harris said. 

It’s been a hit so far in Jefferson, with Harris putting out calls for deer on Facebook only to fill up a few hours later. That cycle has repeated itself a few times as deer season gets into high gear. 

People that want to have their deer harvested here, can bring it skin-on, and Harris Meats will take care of everything else. 

They usually do a standard cut for $70. This includes portioning your hunt into stew meat, tenderloins, boneless chops, roast, cubed steak, ground meat and deer breakfast sausage. The second option is $100, and it comes with jerky, tenderloins, ground meat and deer breakfast sausage.

For an additional $12-15, you can also order an applewood bacon burger or a seasoned steak burger.

Harris Meats is accepting deer drop-offs Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m, but if you happen to have one after hours, you can call Jeremy Harris. 

Every cut is vacuum sealed and ready for the freezer.

There are plans to expand and more work is being done on the coolers, according to Harris.

There is a $25 deposit due at the drop-off.

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