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Pick your price for Deacon Brandon Reeves tunes
Gainesville native has new online EP, free show scheduled at Pizza Pub
Brandon Reeves and his Deacon Brandon Reeves band will perform a free show Jan. 28 at the Pizza Pub in Buford.

Deacon Brandon Reeves

Free show: Jan. 28, Pizza Pub, 554 W. Main St., Buford

The Deacon Brandon Reeves band, headed up by Brandon Reeves, has recently released a new EP that will be exclusively sold on the band's website.

And fans chose what price they are willing to pay for seven acoustic blues tracks.

"There's a few other bands that have done this thing where they have it available on their website and you pick the price, Reeves said. "Radiohead did it. I'm not a big Radiohead fan, but they did really well with it because they have a billion fans.

"The first place that I heard about it was ‘The Charlie Hall Band.' They did it live; they had their CDs available at their gigs and they had a jar, basically, and they said ‘you could give whatever you can give to have a CD.' That was the first place that I heard about it and I thought it was an interesting idea."

Reeves recorded the solo, acoustic album called "Live at Twelve Oaks" on Jan. 5 at Twelve Oaks Studios in Smyrna.

"Twelve Oaks is a recording studio that a friend a friend of mine owns in Smyrna and he's been running that for almost 30 years. We recorded an album with him in 2008, released that in 2009, the ‘Amelia' album," Reeves said.

This was the first solo album for Reeves, and he said he sounded better than ever on the EP.

"It's just me playing the acoustic guitar or resonator, there's no over dubs no other people on it, it's just really straightforward," he said. "I think my voice has matured. It's better. I'm a better singer than I was when I recorded ‘Amelia.' We've done almost 300 gigs since then, so just experience and playing a lot of songs over the past few years changes the way you sing and play."

Reeves is originally from Gainesville. He attended Gainesville High and graduated from Georgia State University in 2005. He now lives in Kennesaw and makes a living teaching guitar lessons and playing gigs.

"We played 95 gigs in 2009 and, 140 in 2010 and hopefully we can maintain that in 2011," Reeves said.

"Live at Twelve Oaks" has seven traditional blues songs that blues fans will be familiar with, Reeves added.

"I recorded eight songs; there's seven on the EP and there's one that you can download for free, ‘Little Baby.' It's a Howlin' Wolf song," he said.

"The other songs are cover songs but they are traditional blues songs, that nobody knows who wrote them. There's a song called ‘In My Time of Dying' that a lot of people have covered that's probably almost 100 years old. There's an old gospel song on their called ‘I Know it Was The Blood' ... and ‘Lay Me a Pallet on the Floor' which is another really old folk, blues song."

Next up for The Deacon Brandon Reeves band is a free show Jan. 28 at The Pizza Pub in Buford. The band plays there the last Friday of every month.

"We don't really make set lists, we would never have the same set list because that's super boring for us and for people who come back and see us," Reeves said.