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Get out of house and into trees
Environmental and Heritage Centers newest exhibit showcases treehouses
EHC Guests will enjoy roaming from tree to tree to house as they discover the many habitats that trees provide for animals large and small with a visit to the TreeHouses exhibit. The exhibit will be on campus from Jan. 18 until May 7, 2016.

Instead of hanging out at home, families can spend some quality together hanging out in the trees with a visit to the Environmental and Heritage Center’s newest exhibit titled "TreeHouses: Look Who’s Living In The Trees."

The focus of the exhibit moves up, in, around and even underneath trees. "TreeHouses" includes fun, hands-on ways to explore the important role that trees play in providing homes for all sorts of wild things,including people. Incorporating all of the senses, this exhibit engages forest explorers of all ages in nature explorations and in the ecology of the sustainable harvesting of this important natural resource.

"This exhibit is perfect for family audiences and provides a unique opportunity to explore STEM through the lens of forestry," EHC Program Director Jason West said.

In the exhibit, guests will look for signs of animal tree dwellers as they walk through an indoor tree house and across a connecting bridge. They will listen for animals inside the tree house and try to guess their sounds on an "animal dance floor" and use stereoscopic view finders to see 3-D images of some of the smaller creatures found living in trees.

Visitors will also view tree houses from around the world and have the opportunity to design and build their own. They will discover some fictional tree dwellers, including Winnie the Pooh and the Ewoks of Star Wars, as well as learn about the not-so-obvious tree connections in our own houses.

"TreeHouses" will open to the public Jan. 18 and last until May 7.

Entrance to the TreeHouses exhibit is included in EHC admission.

For more information about the exhibit and the EHC, visit

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