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Christopher and Danielle Campellone, owners of GoToHearing, have successfully helped treat hearing loss and tinnitus by fitting more than 700 new patients during the past year. Christopher Campellone and his wife, Danielle, opened the Gainesville-based practice in April 2021 with a goal in mind: meeting each patient’s individual needs no matter the cost. Christopher is a multi-state hearing care provider with more than 15 years of experience treating hearing loss with life-changing hearing care experiences. He specializes in healthcare through individualized care; telehealth communications; and has a deep passion for helping people hear better. 

Danielle Campbellone

Christopher and Danielle aim to educate people on the long-term effects of hearing loss and keep consumers away from predatory companies by advising patients to research the company and provider. Christopher recommends that patients undergo a complete hearing evaluation, including video otoscopy, to rule out wax and foreign bodies in the ear. Patients should also have a tympanogram to rule out issues with the middle ear, which could immediately become a medical referral to an ENT, for emergencies such as sudden hearing loss.  

Christopher Campbellone

Each GoToHearing patient undergoes a battery of tests using state-of-the-art equipment in a sound booth. The practice uses fiber optic otoscopy by Med-RX and the most advanced Tympanometry, InterAcoustics Titan, which offers 3D technology. 

“How a patient performs in a ‘complex [versus] a non-complex’ environment is huge,” Christopher says. “But understanding where the patient is cognitively is the most important factor [that is] most overlooked. This only hurts the patient and sets up an unrealistic expectation, especially for a long-term user.”

Christopher tries to help patients avoid pitfalls such as: being treated too early, underfitting, professionals under testing, and unlicensed entities or providers. 

“I am a firm believer that our positions are critical to the success of the hard of hearing. We just can’t let up and most importantly, not become the pitfall,” he says. 

His concerns are focused on patients who are real people with real needs. Hearing loss significantly impacts those who experience it and how those patients process these feelings of loss. According to Christopher, hearing loss is frustrating for those who have it and their loved ones. Recent research from Johns Hopkins shows that hearing loss is linked with walking problems, falls, and dementia.

“Brain scans show us that hearing loss may contribute to a faster rate of atrophy in the brain,” Christopher says. “Hearing loss also contributes to social isolation. You may not want to be with people as much, and when you are you may not engage in conversation as much. These factors may contribute to dementia.”

GoToHearing patients encounter small and large obstacles throughout life. Christopher's responsibility is to make sure he helps those in need, no matter the cost, and brings patients joy and happiness. Christopher and Danielle would like to recognize three patients, or hearing heroes, that have inspired them.

“These are people that inspire me every day to want to do a better job for the hard of hearing,” says Christopher.

Carolyn Smith

Carolyn Smith, a resident of Hall County, suffered from chronic ear infections as a child. Coupled with typical age-related hearing loss, Smith was having extreme difficulty participating in and maintaining conversations with the people around her. She had met Christopher and Danielle Campellone, founders of GoToHearing in Gainesville. When the Campellones opened their private practice located off McEver Road, Smith went to them for her hearing needs.

Carolyn and Linda

According to Smith, Christopher and Danielle are dedicated to solving her problems and achieving the best possible result through a tailored wellness plan.

“Due to their personalized care …I am now able to clearly hear [the] TV,” says Smith. "[I] can adjust surrounding noise by the app on my phone and with the hearing aids connected to my cell phone, I enjoy clear telephone conversations."

For Smith, remaining active and participating in groups is important to her and the hearing device gave her that ability.

“Never feel your problem is too severe for help,” she says. “They [Christopher and Danielle] are trained and skilled in achieving each person’s best outcome. The personal care you receive at GoToHearing makes [the] experience so much easier.”

Linda Fowler

Linda Fowler, Hall County resident and Carolyn Smith’s sister, saw the positive impact that Christopher and Danielle had on Smith’s hearing and quality of life.

In August 2021, Fowler reached out to Danielle at GoToHearing for newer, better hearing aids. “[I] can finally hear well,” Fowler says. “[It] makes life so much easier with great hearing aids.”

GoToHearing won Gainesville’s “Best of 2022 – Hearing Care Provider” for providing hearing aids and audiology services. “[Call] GoToHearing and enjoy life fully,” says Fowler.


BobbyLea Pennington

BobbyLea Pennington started going to GoToHearing in June 2021 after her previous audiologist retired. Pennington’s husband had to repeat himself frequently because of her hearing loss. She had seen ads for Christopher and Danielle’s private practice and had driven by the building on McEver Road.

She knew she needed new hearing aids and another hearing test, so she called them. Christopher listened to all of her concerns and how her hearing loss was affecting her everyday life. He created a long-term plan to address all of her needs and helped her select hearing aids that would support her.

“When you lose hearing, you never get back what you had when you were younger,” says Pennington.

Today, Pennington’s husband doesn’t have to repeat himself as often, and hearing soft noises is a marvel. She can adjust her hearing aids, like Smith, through an app on her iPhone. Pennington has had such a positive experience working with Christopher and Danielle to improve her hearing. She says the process was easy and she’s glad she went to GoToHearing for her initial appointment. Pennington stresses how important it is to monitor age-related hearing loss. If something doesn’t feel right, call GoToHearing for a thorough exam.

“Do not delay getting a hearing test done,” Pennington says. “If you are young, protect that hearing. Once you have lost your hearing, you can never get it back.”

 As a Georgia Corporation, Christopher and Danielle Campellone are active members of the Chamber of Commerce, AAA BBB, State Licensed Specialists, Member of the International Hearing Society, the ACA, Hearing Loss Association of America, and The American Tinnitus Association.

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