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Your Views: Commissioners need to rethink library decision
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By: Times_Newsroom

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Ashley Bell, Scott Gibbs and Craig Lutz need to rethink their announced plan to reverse the current county commissioners' vote on the placement of the North Hall library.

The current commissioners' decision to place the library at Nopone Road, rather than in Clermont, was based on sound financial and demographic data and should remain in place.

Any effort to reverse the current plan, without regard to cost or impact to the county, is irresponsible and not in the best interest of Hall County. Any consideration to build amenities in two North Hall locations, under the guise of a compromise, is not consistent with the SPLOST referendum and is also not in the best interest of Hall County.

There is no sound logic to explain why Mr. Bell and Mr. Lutz feel a need to inject themselves into this issue especially after Mr. Bell voted for the Nopone Road location earlier this year. It is time for both to focus on issues in their own districts and the real issues facing Hall County rather than the hurt feelings of a small community which is not even in their district.

If Clermont wants to continue its pursuit of a library despite the recent court ruling, let it continue its legal battle. But Clermont's quest should not be allowed to impact the entire county, nor does it deserve any more attention from Mr. Bell and Mr. Lutz. They need a more thoughtful approach to their decision-making, need to set aside their personal agendas and focus on what is best for the county.

Hall County deserves mature leaders who can look forward, who can act without personal bias and can cooperate with all the commissioners toward a common goal. Individuals who boast that they plan to have fun undoing all the things accomplished by the current commissioners need to rearrange their priorities or resign from office. Hall County deserves better.

It is a privilege to serve and these elected officials need to remember that the voters can take away their privilege.

Phyllis Mercer


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