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Your Views: All tea party folks really want is to preserve liberties
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How soon Joan King and the liberals forget. It wasn't too long ago all they could talk about was getting rid of George Bush and his cronies. They scarcely had a positive thing to say about him, Ms. King included.

Now with Barack Obama in office (I felt like breaking out the violin and roses), we're supposed to think about and enjoy the ocean, waterfall, the moon, etc.

Ms. King, surely, you can't think for one moment that tea party people don't share your love and enjoyment of these things?

I agree to say you want to get rid of someone or something is a little harsh. However, those saying these things mean they don't like seeing the government seize control of banks, car companies, our health care system as we know it, the environment, the energy industry, Wall Street, etc.

Nothing seems to be beyond the grab of this administration and there are a great number of people still in this country that would love to preserve our liberty and our way of life as we know it. This government encroachment is stifling jobs, the economy and everything it touches. We just would love to keep our freedom and are speaking out about it.

If things keep going as they are, Ms. King, you will still be able to enjoy the moon from your back porch. But if Obama has his way and gas prices go to $10 a gallon, you and the rest of us may have to forgo seeing the ocean. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if freedom of travel isn't somewhere on Obama's agenda. Everything else is.

God help us and God save America.

Doris Humphries

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