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Your Views: Voters will make our leaders pay at polls for their disrespect
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A word to all incumbents in the U.S. Congress and to all incumbent officeholders: Come election time, we will remember how callously and harshly you have treated us, your constituents.

To think that we have entrusted high office to you and to witness the disdain and disrespect you have shown to us in recent days in your palatial settings in Washington is sickening. American children cannot receive treatment in a number of places which depend on the cash flow you now are strangling.

We have heard that families of veterans killed in Afghanistan cannot get the money from the Department of Defense to fly the bodies of loved ones back home because of your foolish bickering. We would like for you to set aside your personal ambitions and self-centeredness and take care of your people.

As I said, come election time, we will not forget.

Ron Grizzle
Flowery Branch

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