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Your Views: Plan to license cyclists was a bad idea by state lawmakers
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Give me a break. Licensing bike riders? Here is another piece of irrational legislation proposed by our very own Hall County representatives. I find it hard to understand the mindset of Reps. Carl Rogers, Lee Hawkins and Emory Dunahoo in their proposal that would require bicycles to be registered and have a license plate — oh, and pay an annual fee.

Jim Syfan, a local business owner, is one of the biggest supporters. He claims that it would get dangerous and rude riders off the road.

How is that going to happen? Rude and dangerous car riders are not banned from driving on roads. He also states that in his trucking business he has to have tags and DOT numbers for his trucks and his motorcycle and that bike riders should also be licensed and share in the cost of road maintenance.

What a joke. What impact could a rider and his bike, which weigh an average of 200 pounds, have on a road compared to 18-wheelers? And what are you going to do to riders who are riding cross country? Hit them with a fee when they enter Georgia? Wow, welcome to Georgia.

I have been a road rider for over 40 years. I agree that there are riders who have no road etiquette and feel they own the road. So call law enforcement and complain, much like you would call and complain about a dangerous and rude driver. Don’t enact a blanket rule for all riders due to the action of a few.

I was pleased by the support of all who attended the Monday meeting.

Claire Dunn
Flowery Branch

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