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Your Views: Gun safety should start with focus on the human factor
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I agree with Joan King that more guns are not the answer to our gun deaths problem, but others also have made some good observations. Gun control is only one of the problems. We need to address the human factor.

Automobiles offer a very good analogy. It is easy to recognize that many automobile owners may be well-meaning but are irresponsible, careless and dangerous. Automobiles grew up with laws being added as needed over the years. This has not stopped deaths or other problems with our cars, but problems have surely been minimized. Without them we would have chaos. I am sure few of you would disagree. We need to control the machine, and the nut behind the wheel.

Our population has been spiraling out of control for years. We have parents who should never have been parents. Far too many of our youngsters have too little guidance or supervision. We have guns laying all over the house in closets, drawers, cabinets, etc.

We have a huge amount of our population that knows so little of history, science, philosophy that it boggles the mind. We have allowed our schools to be dumbed down. Too many don’t know the difference between “there” and “their” or “won’t” or “want.” Twenty-five percent don’t even know that we won our independence from England. Too many cannot understand the art of compromise. Too many insist their right is the only right. I think our churches are teaching too much about what Jesus said to the Ephesians instead of how to get along with each other.

We waste too much money catching and incarcerating idiots who can’t function in society. We need more preventive maintenance. We need to get a grip on ourselves.

We do need more gun control. Gun advocates have been looking at the world with rose-colored glasses too long. I have not heard of anyone wishing to prevent gun ownership (except for the AK-47 case), but with that ownership comes responsibility. This is woefully lacking right now. Taking a 60-hour or so gun training class and then going home does little to instill responsible gun ownership down the road. Your little angel could still get it and kill a bunch of people before you know it. Who knows? You might go bonkers and kill, too.

You can’t trust the average person to take part in a shootout in a restaurant, shopping center or meeting hall and not shoot up many bystanders. We need to change our national personality and make reasonable, enforceable laws to make gun owners more responsible.

Yes, control the machine, and the nut behind the wheel. We have a long, long road ahead.

John Stockard

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