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Opinion: A perspective on White privilege
02012018 LETTER

Many Democrat liberals want White men like me to apologize for our privilege. OK, I apologize. I hope that makes them feel better.

Hmmm, Oprah was born near where I grew up at about the same time. I had skin color privilege over her. She is now a multi-billionaire. I am not. How could that be? I suggest she is more talented and smarter than I am. Apparently her intelligence and talent trump the privilege of my skin color. Perhaps she should apologize to me for her intelligence and talent privilege. Maybe liberals are focusing on the wrong privilege. 

I work with people who have disabilities — wonderful people. All of us who do not have disabilities have privilege over them. Perhaps the rest of us should apologize to them. 

Few will disagree that we in the U.S. have privilege over people who live in much of the world. Look at how many people are trying to get in the U.S. vs. how many are trying to get out. Maybe we should have mass public apologies for those folks. 

I nor my friends who have disabilities have the time or interest in apologies. All they want is a chance to use whatever talent they have. There is a sign on a desk there that says: “I will not stress myself out about things I can’t control or change.” 

Democrat liberals portray themselves as intellectuals. I figured out that I am not smart enough to keep up with who I should apologize to, which pronoun I should use, how I should address liberals, etc. I wonder how much time they spend coming up with things that make life more difficult. No wonder they seem so unhappy. Perhaps they should consider the lesson of the quote above. I suspect they would be a lot happier if they counted their blessings and used their talents rather than dwelling on whatever disadvantages they think they have. 

We do not have control over all the circumstances in our lives. We do have control over how we respond to them.

Mike McConnell


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