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Letter: Way Dr. Jeffrey Marshall left heart center was dishonorable
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Chairman of The Heart Center of Northeast Georgia Medical Center John Jeffrey Marshall speaks during the Northeast Georgia STEMI Summit at Lanier Technical College on Friday, March 22, 2019. The summit brings together paramedics, EMS staff, nurses, and doctors from the Northeast Georgia STEMI System and across the state to discuss rapid response and treatment of the most deadly type of heart attack, know as ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction. - photo by Austin Steele

Dr. Jeffrey Marshall has no sense of honor. He was brought here and given free rein to set up a multi-cardiologist practice as he saw fit. Now money calls and he answers the call. If not for what Northeast Georgia Medical Center allowed him to do, he would still be only one of thousands of cardiology MDs in America.

The way the others refused to take their rounds in the assigned hospitals in the system speaks volumes. They too have no sense of honor or responsibility.

I have reread the Hippocratic Oath but failed to find the section about always going for the “big bucks” in practice of medicine. Perhaps he  will end up with a practice on “Park Avenue” in New York someday.

Honor cannot be bought. It is something in the soul, not in the bank account.

James W. Stephens


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