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Opinion: Where is justice, outrage for Adam English?
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Adam English

As a Times editorial, a couple weeks ago stated, "The public has a right to know about the fatal shooting of Adam English by the Gainesville Police Department."

Mr. English was shot and killed last Sept. 20. I would have thought the department or the district attorney’s office would have responded: Nothing.

A video taken by a passing motorist and posted on YouTube (now deleted) showed the police, with guns drawn and in a shooting stance, approaching Mr. English, who looked like he was about 20 or so feet from them, with his back turned and no weapon. The next frame was Mr. English lying on the ground.

I understand that he was reportedly waving a gun around before the police arrived, but the video does not show any weapon. It does show that no one seemed to be in danger and deadly force not necessary.

Where's the outrage? Where's the TV reporters? Where's the protesters? Where's the rioting and looting? Oh, I forgot — Mr. English was white.

I would think that almost 10 months would be enough time to thoroughly investigate something as simple as this appears to be, especially after the GBI has completed its investigation several months ago. This is not going to go away. Give the public a report now please. The public has a right to know.

Gene Cobb


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